About Us

Welcome to Alphakids Preschool!

Located in the picturesque settings of Thiruvananthapuram , Attingal, Kerala, India, Alphakids Preschool has been a trusted name in early childhood education for over 7 years. We are dedicated to providing a nurturing and enriching environment where young minds can embark on a journey of learning, exploration, and growth.

At Alphakids, we offer a range of carefully crafted programs designed to cater to the unique needs and developmental stages of children. From our engaging Playgroup program to our Nursery, PP1, and PP2 classes, each program is thoughtfully designed to foster holistic development in a fun and stimulating way. Our team of experienced and passionate educators are committed to providing the highest quality education and care. With a child-centered approach, we focus on promoting social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development in a safe and supportive setting.

At Alphakids, we believe in the power of play-based learning. Our curriculum is designed to spark curiosity, ignite imagination, and encourage active participation. Through hands-on activities, interactive learning experiences, and age-appropriate materials, we lay a strong foundation for future academic success.

We take great pride in our child-friendly facilities, equipped with modern amenities to ensure a comfortable and conducive learning environment. Safety is our utmost priority, and we maintain high standards of security measures to ensure your child's well-being.

As a trusted preschool in the community, we have built a reputation for excellence in early childhood education. We value open communication and strong partnerships with parents, fostering a collaborative approach to support each child's individual needs.

Join us at Alphakids Preschool and give your child the best start to their educational journey. Together, let's nurture young minds, ignite their curiosity, and set them on a path to lifelong learning.

Fun at AlphaKids

Health is wealth Day

Every year we create a health is wealth day event with different theme.Each child,upon participation,gets a medal and a certificate for participating.

Special Day

Each of our themes has special activities,such as bringing in an item from home or classroom activities. We also have events,such as field trips,to enhanse the theme.

Graduation Day

Each child gets an apportunity to wear the graduation robe and the cap and receive his/her graduation certificate when he/she graduates from one class to the next; sometimes we combine graduation day with the annual day.

Annual Day

All the children participate in the annual day program and enjoy being on stage to showcase their talent.Every year we have a new program designed for the annual day.

Events & Celebration

Alphakids promotes global awareness through the celebration of various festivals.It enables children to recognize culturel heritage and values,as well as to desire to understand other cultures and respects them.